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General Community Information and Rules

1.) Please only post items that are KakaNaru related. KakaNaru Fan Fiction, Fan Art, doujinshis, videos, ect., are all very welcome. There are other communities designed for other pairings/Naruto items. Love triangles, squares, hexagons, whatever are welcome as well. But Kakanaru must be the main focus of the relationship.

2.) No hate, discrimination, prejudice, or harsh words to other members. On this there is a no tolerance policy. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Constructive criticism does not apply and is welcome instead.

3.) Use the LJ-cut tag for pictures, any fan fiction that is longer than 100 words, more than 3 icons, long posts, and Always put spoilers behind a cut with a warning.

4.) Please use the following form when posting fic or art:

Title: Art/Fictions Name
Author/Artist: Your Name/Author's/Artist's name
Rating: PG, PG 13, R, NC 17
Warnings: (e.g.: Not work safe, Language, Oral, Anal)
Disclaimer: E.g.: Naruto Belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
Summary: Tell us a little about the story and/or art

5.) Please friends-lock all R or NC 17 rated posts you make, so that only members of the community can see the contents. This also goes for posts that link to R or NC-17 content and to each individual chapter of a Work in Progress, even if that chapter is rated lower than R or NC-17. Note: if you do not react to (repeated) warnings from a moderator, your post will be deleted.


7.) Do not post links to flocked journals or link to posts within a journal outside of this community that will only be public for a certain amount of time. If you are paranoid about posting fic or art, and have no faith in locking posts to only members of the community, then maybe you shouldn't be posting anything on the internet.

8. No advertisement posts regarding the selling of Naruto merchandise or announcing new communities will be allowed in the KakaNaru community without mod approval. If any are posted without approval they will be deleted without apology.

Also, any posts advertising select merchandise may not include items from other series. There are TONS of communities on LiveJournal that are made specifically for such advertising.

9. Do not post an off-topic announcement with the preface of 'Mods if this isn't allowed, delete'. This automatically tells me that the poster did not read the rules, and if the post is indeed not KakaNaru related in any way, it will be deleted without apology.

Also, if you post anything to this community, be it fic or art, you may NOT screen the comments unless there is some kind of voting contest going on. Screening comments is really unnecessary.

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto. All works here are works of fiction and the characters, with the exception of original characters, are not owned by the owner, moderators, or members.

All art used in the profile and within the community layout were found through an image search for kakanaru. If one of these pieces belongs to you, please let us know so that we can give you proper credit. Thank you. <3

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